Speaker Spotlight: Alex Sourov

Meet Alex Sourov. Alex is Engineering Manager of the Facebook Android Emerging Markets team. Facebook's Android Emerging Markets team focuses on developing a suitable mobile application for those in areas with less than stellar data speeds. If you've ever heard of Facebook Home, you've seen or read about some of Alex Sourov's work. Now he's not the only developer, but he is extremely instrumental in bringing Facebook to as many people as possible.

Alex Sourov, Facebook
Alex Sourov, Facebook

In addition to being instrumental to Facebook Home, Alex has also worked on a few other Facebook applications you've probably used. To improve data efficiency for your devices, he has worked on Facebook for iOS, Facebook for Android, and Facebook Messenger for Android. His most extensive work has been on the Facebook for Android application where he improved performance, battery efficiency, and reliability under adverse network conditions.

Before hitting the tracks at Facebook, Alex had a few different jobs at Microsoft, working there from 1996 until 2012. While at Microsoft, Alex started as a Software Design Engineer, moved up the ranks to Senior/Principal Development Lead, and finished his tenure as the Principal Development Manager.

We can't wait to see what Alex will be delivering during his session at the 2015 Big Android BBQ! Learn more about Alex and his projects on Google+Twitter and LinkedIn.


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