Speaker Spotlight: Chet Haase

Chet Haase, a software engineer at Google, is the lead of the UI Toolkit team for Android. Haase works on making graphics and animations better for all of Android as that is his passion in the technology field.

Chet Haase, Google UI Toolkit Team Lead
Chet Haase

If you have ever attended or watched sessions of Google's developer conference, Google I/O, you should recognize Haase from multiple developer talks about the latest and greatest version of Android. He also likes to come to different events, like the Big Android BBQ, and talk to developers from all around the world.

When Haase isn't busy making every pixel within a graphic look perfect, he likes to write. As a developer, he co-wrote the book Filthy Rich Clients with Romain Guy, a book about Flex graphics and animation called Flex 4 Fun, and posts technical articles on CodeDependent. Haase also enjoys writing humor as seen on his blog Enough About You..., and his two humor books called Round and HolyWhen I am King.... and When I am King... II

You can find Chet Haase on Google+ and on Twitter to learn more about his upcoming projects and get your daily dose of Chet humor. And keep up with the latest #BABBQ15 news by following us, too! Find us on Google+Twitter and Facebook.