Speaker Spotlight: Chiu-Ki Chan

Chiu-Ki is an Android developer with a passion in speaking and teaching. She runs her own mobile development company, producing delightful apps such as "Monkey Write" for learning Chinese writing and "Heart Collage" for snapping photos to stitch into a heart.

Chiu-Ki Chan

Her latest project,  the app FitCat, is getting people moving. When she is not writing apps, she can be found travelling the world; sometimes sightseeing, sometimes dispensing Android tips on stage at various tech conferences.
Session Title: Advanced Android Espresso
Session Description: Do you test? It’s okay if you don’t - historically the tools had not been stellar. But they have gotten much better, and I am going to show you my favorite, instrumentation testing with Espresso. In this talk you will learn: * The basic structure of an Espresso test (Matcher, ViewAction, ViewAssertion) * Combining matchers such as withParent, isAssignableFrom to pinpoint your view * onData and RecyclerViewActions to test ListView and RecyclerView * Custom ViewAction and ViewAssertion * Using Dagger and Mockito to write repeatable tests By the end of the talk you will be itching to write some tests yourself!
Find her on Square Island, Twitter, Google+ , Android Dialogs or catch one of her talks live.  Her past talks can be found at http://chiuki.github.io/.


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