Speaker Spotlight: Jon Hancock

Jon F Hancock is a Software Engineer at Phunware Inc. where he currently works on the FOX NOW Android App.
Jon F Hancock

He has also worked on CW TV, the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium App, and several others. While at Barracuda Networks, he rewrote SignNow for Android. Prior to that he was a pioneer in the Android theme community, cementing his reputation as a respected Android Developer. He received his Bachelor's and Master’s in Computer Science from National University.
Session Title: When the Cookie is Too Big: Network Management for Real World Apps 
Session Description: This session will be a case study on putting too much trust in the "Big Cookie" network management approach; get as much as you can all at once. I'll talk through all of the things that stacked up to make a perfect storm of terrible and expensive network management, and how we reined it in much to the joy of our users and server teams.

You can find Jon on Google+ and Twitter to learn more about his projects and home brew recipes.


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