Speaker Spotlight: Stacy Devino

Stacy is a recognized Intel Innovator, Six Sigma Blackbelt, and is the Women Techmakers Lead for Dallas/Ft. Worth. She specializes in high performance Android application and embedded coding as well as IoT product innovation.

Stacy Devino

You can usually find her helping people with their hardware or software projects as well as shooting the breeze with our fellow makers! She writes at Does It Pew?
Session Title: What are you doing on the tiny mobile Network
Session Description: In this session, we will be focusing on how to do full stack network performance testing of your Android application or embedded API as well as techniques to optimize common issues and how to track down less common ones. We will cover: Network Data capture tools Real-Time data analyzation Tools in Android In-depth tools like Wireshark and ARO Embeddedd Android command line tools You will be shown the patterns of bad network behavior with duplicated API calls or a ZergRush-type network call as well as how to track it down and fix or optimize that in your code. You will even be given the tools to do direct comparisons and use those same techniques with competitor products to see what they are doing right or to show what you are doing better.
When not doing projects or helping others, she enjoys audiophile & vintage audio , cooking, singing, French horn, drawing, crafting, and playing with her Bichon-Frise “Pear”.

You can find Stacy on Google+, Twitter, and if you are in DFW, join the Women Techmakers Group.


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