Guest Post: Android developers – learn about Sony’s Open Device program at Big Android BBQ

Sony has a lot to offer Android developers at this year’s Big Android BBQ. Come to our session to learn how to customize your own Xperia smartphone with open source software. In our booth, get hands-on with our latest flagship series – the Xperia Z5. And try on SmartEyeglass, Sony’s binocular, see-through eyewear, which comes with an SDK to let you create your own augmented reality apps.

Join us as Alin Jerpelea, Open Source Community Manager, presents a session on Sony’s Open Device project. Here, Alin explains what Sony is doing to enable more collaboration and more innovation in the Open Source community. You’ll also learn where Sony’s taking AOSP for Xperia in the short and midterm time span. Finally, Alin will discuss how Sony will improve their work on openness around AOSP.

We look forward to seeing you again at Big Android BBQ! See all of our events on the Developer World Event Calendar.

- Sony Developer World


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