2015 Big Android BBQ Highlights: Opening Keynote

The Big Android BBQ filled the Hurst Conference Center with the sounds of phone notifications, introductions, and reconnections from attendees and speakers from across the world. For some, it has been a year since they last saw each other -- The Big Android BBQ being their reason to come together and enjoy the sweet, sweet sounds of typing, clicking, and the sounds of sizzling BBQ.

The Opening Keynote was kicked off by Aaron Kasten, CEO of IDEAA and founder of the BABBQ, who snapped a group selfie with the crowd and introduced the keynote speakers of this year's conference.

Aaron Kasten - IDEAA  image credit Ant Pruitt

Dr. Joseph Cohen - KiddoEMR

"Dr. Joe" shared his passion to not only help improve the quality of medical care administration, but to make it more efficient and less expensive for the patients and clinics. Cohen and his team at KiddoEMR work hard to provide a seamless interface on mobile devices. What does this have to do with medical care? Well, seamless and secure integration of electronic medical records cuts cost for the medical provider, which also cuts cost for the patient. Having medical records accessible by all parties in a fashion that's quick, easy and HIPAA-compliant is a concept that he hopes to be accepted by all.

Dr. Joseph Cohen - KiddoEMR - image credit Ant Pruitt

Peter Lubbers - Google Developers

Peter Lubbers, Developer Advocate at Google Developers, stepped on stage to discuss community education in app development. Lubbers introduced the partnership between Google Developers and General Assembly. The General Assembly's focus is to develop qualified Android developers with a twelve-week course, and to be able to guide them to their dream jobs after completion.

Peter Lubbers - Google Developers - image credit Ant Pruitt

Colt McAnlis - Google Developers 

Lastly, Colt McAnlis of Google Developers stressed an important key role in an app's popularity -- great performance. Emphasizing the hashtag #perfmatters, McAnlis discussed how poor performance can cause consumers to uninstall an app within a matter of minutes of installation. But how can you determine the performance levels without testing? McAnlis then introduces Android Performance Patterns toolkit, which allows developers to see in real-time when and where their app begins to lag in performance during unit testing. The BABBQ sessions are filled by Googlers who will guide the way to understanding the root-cause of performance woes.

Colt McAnlis - Google Developers

You can watch the keynote here. Click here to see a schedule of talks and code challenges. Stay in the Big Android BBQ conversation online with hashtag #BABBQ15.