Speaker Spotlight: Brenda Cook

Meet Brenda Cook. She is an Android Software Engineer at IONU Security, a startup that provides file level encryption with cloud sync and 3rd-party cloud provider integration and SportsLabs, maker of Gameday apps.
Brenda Cook
She is a former Network Engineer specializing in Cisco Networking and Security Appliances who made the leap into software in 2011. Since then, she has been developing for Android and dabbles in other technologies that fall under the "Internet of Things" (IoT) category. As someone who has always been passionate and excited about technology, she tries to spread that excitement and enthusiasm to others through volunteer teaching in high schools, speaking engagements and Meetup participation. Recently, she and Chiu-Ki Chan were on a winning hackathon team.

Women Coders Win IoT Hackathon with Last Minute App Idea
Session Title: Fragments: Why, How, and What For?
Session Description: This talk will cover Fragments in detail by comparing and contrasting them to something we know well, Activities. We will also cover examples and use cases. Fragments: Why, How, and What For? is targeted toward developers who may not have had a lot of experience using Fragments and those who want to understand them better. Why did Google introduce Fragments? Aren’t Activities enough? How do Fragments work? What For? Example and use cases such as Fragment reuse, single pane vs multi-pane, ViewPager, NavigationDrawer and DialogFragment.

You can find Brenda on Google+, Twitter, and Github.


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