Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Galpin

As a Developer Advocate for the Google Android team focused on Games, Daniel works to educate developers and improve the gaming technologies in both Android and Google Play. He has been with the Android team for over five years, gaining tons of experience in helping developers navigate through the system. When he's not working on amazing things, he does partner dancing and performs opera, operetta, and musical theater.

Check out his session(S)!
Session Title: Android Internals 
Session Description: Ever wondered what makes Android tick? So did we, so we looked through code, watched debug traces and (gasp) even asked questions of the developers and designers behind Android to satisfy our curiosity. This session gets in deep with how we’ve been evolving Android to make it easier to build 60fps applications, and how you can use this knowledge to make smart decisions when optimizing your application.
Session Title: Using the NDK Performantly 
Session Description: Need more performance? Use the NDK. While that sounds like a reasonable statement, improper use of the NDK can actually hurt your application performance. This session covers best practices with JNI in Android, as well as some interesting optimization techniques for working with native components.

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