Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Cohen

Founder of Kiddo EMR, Dr. Joeseph Cohen has a passion for pediatrics and technology aiding the lives of children. Each day, we hear of sad news where a child's life is negatively affected due to unfortunate circumstances in medical practice and documentation. Preventing these unfortunate events fuels Dr. Cohen in finding better ways to not only aide children with proper medical care, but do so in a cost-effective fashion.
Dr. Joseph Cohen

Cohen and Kiddo EMR has helped tons of children (and parents) in Austin, Texas overcome the pitfalls that come with child pediatrics administration. It's one thing to have a proper diagnosis, but it's another thing to have the secure filing of all medical data for the patient. Not to mention, keeping costs affordable for everyone. Kiddo EMR has developed a platform that has helped cut up to 70% of the cost within patient data processing.
Session Title: Developing Apps for Healthcare
Session Description: Dr. Cohen and Kiddo EMR will discuss the tools and strategy behind #AppsWithImpact. Apps With Impact is the awareness of securely storing electronic medical records as well as allowing secured transport of said data from peer to peer. Making it easy for not only medical providers to access, but patient access also. All while being within HIPAA compliance. The strategy is driven towards development on mobile hardware starting with Android, but also available to iOS.

You can find Dr. Joe on Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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