Speaker Spotlight: Elliot Chenger

Elliott Chenger is an Android Engineer currently at Under Armour Connected Fitness in Austin Texas. Previously he was at Mutual Mobile, a digital agency also developing for Android. He organizes the Wearable ATX meetup and speaks at numerous local developer groups including Google Developer Group. 

Elliot Chenger
Session Title: Being an Advocate for Android
Session Description: Many times as Android developers we are asked to do things that don't make sense on the Android Platform. Navigating the landscape of advocating for Android specific UI/UX can be difficult. So lets talk about how we educate our teams about what is a good and bad use of Android UI/UX and how it affects Android users.

We are excited to have Elliott down in Hurst for the 2015 Big Android BBQ! You can find Elliott on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn


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