Speaker Spotlight: Etienne Caron

Etienne Caron is one of those devout Android developers friends from up north in Canada. He brings an extensive programming and development resume to the Big Android BBQ.

Etienne Caron
Before becoming the Senior Mobile Developer for Intel's, TrueKey, and becoming a Google Developer Expert for Android, Etienne worked extensively as a Programmer Analyst. From 1997 until 2012 Etienne worked with many different companies, before switching roles to development.

In 2012, he became the Senior iOS developer and Technical Lead for Sherpa Solutions following that, he moved on to Nuance's R&D team. Yep, Nuance, the ones behind helping get Apple's Siri personal assistant off the ground. From there, Etienne moved on to become the Senior Mobile Developer and Android Lead for PasswordBox which transformed into the role he currently holds with Intel's Security side of business. 

Working for companies like Intel, Nuance, and Google makes Etienne a must-see while you're at this year's Big Android BBQ as he will be delivering some awesome dev pro-tips!

Session Title: Let's Play! - Building your VR Sandbox
Session Description:  When trying to prototype Android VR spaces, long build and debug cycles become a major impediment. Let's build a realtime sandbox toolkit for Android VR App developers! Over the last year or so, the steadily building buzz around Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has become deafening. Android as a VR platform has been a big part of the conversation, with Google Cardboard on the VR side, and Project Tango bringing motion tracking, area learning and depth perception to the table. However, for Android developers new to 3D and VR, the barrier to entry can be daunting. Unless you have solid experience with OpenGL, the long build-and-debug cycle we have with Android can make it difficult to get up to speed. And while Cardboard brings VR to the general public on the cheap, as a developer you'll quickly be faced with the limitations of the platform. In this talk, our primary focus will be on rapid prototyping and lowering the VR barrier to entry. Using a combination of scripting and live shader updates over Firebase, combined with off the shelf devices such as Project Tango tablets and Android Wear devices, we'll see how to build a toolchain allowing you as a developer to get instant feedback when building VR spaces and experiences in the Android ecosystem.

Be sure to check out his various online profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ to keep up with his interests heading into the BBQ.


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