Speaker Spotlight: Huyen Dao

What would a developer conference be without a few geeks? Huyen Dao fits the bill when it comes to being one of those awesome geeks out there in the Android-Sphere!

Huyen Dao, Trello
Huyen is the Lead Developer and Owner of Randomly Typing, a business specializing in native iOS and Android development. More recently, Huyen has joined the Trello team. Some of her work can be found through the various conferences that she has spoken and presented at, such as Droidcon NYC 2014 and AnDevCon 2014.

Before starting up Randomly Typing, Huyen worked as a Consultant for Universal Mind, where she helped in a wide variety of capacities. She has developed web and mobile clients for small businesses and those larger companies out there. Her expertise reaches all the way back to 2005 when she worked as a Programmer and Analyst for NASDAQ OMX, where she was the Lead Flex/AIR developer for Market Replay, which brought home the 2009 Adobe MAX Enterprise Award.

We look forward to seeing what Huyen has to show off for us at this year's Big Android BBQ, as well as the experience that she will be sharing during her session.
Session Title: Loving Lean Layouts 
Session Description: XML layouts are a fundamental part of Android development at all levels. Getting started is straightforward but creating efficient layouts while still achieving a high-level of control takes some practice and a few tricks. In this session we will look at creating lean yet lovely layouts. We will discuss use cases and best practices for standard layouts, recognizing when a custom layout is for you, common mistakes and misconceptions, and some tricks and situational techniques.
In the meantime, you can check out what Huyen is working on by visitng her LinkedIn profile, through the Randomly Typing or see what she's sharing on Google+ and Twitter!


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