Speaker Spotlight: Laurence Moroney

When he’s not building apps, shooting videos or writing courses in his role as Developer Advocate at Google, Laurence Moroney is usually thinking about them.

Laurence Moroney
He has worked in technology advocacy for more years than he can count, for companies such as Mainsoft, Microsoft and more. He cut his teeth as a developer writing systems to run surveillance and security for industries as diverse as casinos, jails and financial services. Laurence is also the best-selling author of several books, including the popular Legend of the Locust science-fiction series, and dozens more on computer programming. He’s the host of the "Coffee with a Googler" show on YouTube, and can be found at @lmoroney or +LaurenceMoroney.

Session Title: All about Messaging 
Session Description: No app is an island. You need to communicate with your users, and with your app. And you want to do it fast, and in a way that doesn’t burn battery life or bandwidth. You also want to communicate with the right devices, and let those devices communicate with you. In this talk, we’ll go over building smart messaging systems that achieve all this, and more, using Google Cloud Messaging. It lets your apps talk to your users, and vice-versa, as well as also allowing you to send messages directly to their apps, in the most efficient way possible.

Session Title: Location, and Context, and Speed -- Oh My! 
Session Description: Location-based apps are here to stay, and with them comes context-aware applications. When building context-aware apps, given the sheer amount of data around you, you want to deliver the right data at the right time. This means you need to be fast to discover the data and fast to filter it into what your users need. In this session, we’ll examine what it takes to make an app location and context aware, covering everything from maps to places to beacons(*). We’ll also talk through some strategies for managing the large amounts of data that comes with these, so you can deal with it smartly, and not lag your users. You’ll come away from this session equipped with knowledge about the APIs, and how to use them in a speedy manner. (*) That’s beacons, not bacon. I know this is the Android BBQ, but let’s stay focused.

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