Speaker Spotlight: Matthew Wear

Matthew Wear joins the 2015 Big Android BBQ from nearby Austin. Currently he is an Android developer at WellMatch working on price transparency in American healthcare. Matthew has been working with Android since 2010, saying, "...[I] still have nightmares about living in a 16MB heap." Previously, he has worked at Evernote (Skitch and Evernote for Android) and OneLouderApps and is a somewhat frequent speaker at the Austin GDG and founder the Austin Android Drinking Club Meetup, which we at the BABBQ very much approve of! You can also find Matthew on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Matthew Wear
Session Title: Bring More To The Design Meeting; Sketch 3 For Android Developers
Session Description: Everyone knows the feeling of trying to communicate their design idea with words and rough whiteboard drawings to their team, just to realize that no one really gets it. What if you could quickly prototype high quality mock screens? You’d be more likely to receive buy in from your product team, more likely to find flaws in your idea before the design meeting and above all, you’d augment the design conversations which will undoubtedly increase the quality of the end product. In this talk you will learn how to create such prototypes in Sketch 3. Sketch 3 is a “professional digital design [tool] for Mac” that is sweeping the industry. You will learn how to navigate Sketch, create storyboards, import a material template, design a few screens and export assets; everything you will need to make an impact on the design conversations in your work.

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