Speaker Spotlight: Michael Evans

Bursting onto the scene in May 2010 as a Software Developer for FINRA, Michael Evans has been a trail-blazer ever since. Graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park, Michael has built up quite the resume in the last few years.

After leaving FINRA, Michael made his way to The Washington Post as a Software Engineer. From there, Michael landed at LivingSocial as a software engineer before being promoted to Android Tech Lead. We told you his resume was impressive!

Michael Evans, Living Social Android Tech Lead
He's had quite the path of success, working for some impressive companies in the process. In addition to working for Living Social, Michael is one of the co-organizers for DC Droids in Washington, DC, a great community to get together and geek out about Android. 

Michael has been writing Android applications since Android Cupcake; his experience is extensive, and should make for a great session at this year's Big Android BBQ.
Session Title: @AnnotationProcessors ("ByExample")
Session Description: Annotations and Annotation Processors are all the rage in Android Development these days. There are annotations to help you: - Avoid the boilerplate of Parcelable or ContentProviders - Generate bindings for your views - Implementing deeplinking - Even find bugs in your code! This talk will showcase some existing annotations (like the support-annotations library) and annotation processors (such as butterknife, deeplinkdispatch, autoparcel). Afterwards, I’ll show you how to write your own.
You can learn more about Michael by following him on Google+ and Twitter, or connecting with him on LinkedIn.


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