Speaker Spotlight: Michael Kwan

Michael is a Software Engineer at Google, currently working on the Android Wear frameworks team where he focuses on testing, performance, and battery life. He helps teams understand the hardware limitations and work towards creating the best user experience possible. He has worked in robotics, mobile security, and wearables, with a BASc in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Michael Kwan
You can find Michael on Google+ and Twitter.

Session Title: Tales of Optimizing for Android Wear 
Session Description: Developing for wearable devices often means dealing with a very different set of constraints from a phone, ranging from minimal batteries, minuscule memory, and tiny displays. We'll go through how to optimize your apps for Android Wear, along with common pitfalls, counter-intuitive behaviours, and how to best deliver a great user experience on limited hardware.

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