Speaker Spotlight: Misha Lushin

Misha Lushin is one of the lead software engineers over at Twitter, and is extremely instrumental in developing the mobile app that a lot of people use, for better or worse. With over 10 years of mobile development experience, Misha should bring a great aspect to the board of speakers at this year's BABBQ.

Misha Lushin, Twitter
Before becoming a Software Engineer for Twitter, Misha was also instrumental in developing and building various features for Twitter on Android. So he has been with Twitter for the last few years, but before that, Misha was also emplyed at Qualcomm and helped with the development of network performance tools and adaptive streaming support.
Session Title: Android Performance at Scale
Session Description: Perf matters. With dozens of developers contributing code and new features shipping every week, keeping Twitter for Android fast and responsive across thousands of Android devices takes work. In this talk we’ll describe how we continuously monitor performance of Twitter for Android application through automation, gather performance data from all of our users in production and discuss common performance pitfalls and how to avoid them.
While not terribly active on social media, he does poke his head around every once in awhile. You can find him on Twitter, Google+ and Medium, if you want to check some of his work out. Regardless, it will be awesome to see and hear what Misha has to say at this year's Big Android BBQ.


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