Speaker Spotlight: Wayne Piekarski

Wayne Piekarski is a Developer Advocate at Google, focusing on Android, Wear, and Ubiquitous Computing. He has worked for 15 years in academia and industry in the areas of wearable computing, outdoor augmented reality, 3D user interfaces, and mobile devices, with a PhD from the University of South Australia. Wayne works to get developers excited about new mobile and wearable technologies, through conferences, social media, and training materials. He also works to advocate for developers within Google, ensuring developers have the right tools and information to support their work.

Catch his TWO sessions!

Thursday: Developing Applications For Android Wear

Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for Android Wear, will give a technical deep dive on writing applications for Android Wear. We will discuss the overall architecture of Android Wear applications, and how it compares to developing for existing Android devices. The features of Google Play Services that are used to support efficient communication between devices will be explained, which is important when developing apps for a power and resource constrained platform. The talk will also cover the wearable support library, which provides extra functionality to develop great wearable experiences. It includes common user interface components that developers can use to support round and square watches, notification cards, long press to dismiss, countdowns, confirmations, 2D pickers, and selection lists.

Friday: Android Wear WatchFace Codelab

This codelab will introduce you to the key concepts to creating your own watch face for Android Wear. It will then walk you through customizing an analog watch face. There is also a bonus section on using the palette API to automatically choose a color for the watch face if you have the time. By the end of the codelab, you’ll have a customized watch face that you can call your own. Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for Android Wear, will be there to assist, and answer any questions you have about Android Wear development. Link to the code lab materials: https://io2015codelabs.appspot.com/codelabs/watchface#1


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