Sponsor Spotlight: Honda Developer Studio

In just the last few years, the connected car has emerged as one of the biggest opportunities for developers, and Android Auto is quickly growing as a channel for mobile app innovation. Honda Developer Studio will join #BABBQ15 this year to show off the new 2016 Honda Accord, which features full support for Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®. They’ll talk about the secret sauce for connected car development and work with you to grill up your juicy ideas. Follow them on Twitter @HondaDeveloper for all the latest news and updates.

Company Overview:

Honda Developer Studio was launched in 2014 by Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL), the team at the forefront of Honda’s global information technology research and development, and the same team to launch Honda Xcelerator for tech innovators earlier this year. Honda Developer Studio offers exclusive access to automotive engineers and test vehicles, so app developers can experience real-time results and get feedback from our engineers on their app as they build. Join the HDS connected car community at https://hds.hondasvl.com/register/ and follow us on Twitter @HondaDeveloper for news, updates and events.


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