Sponsor Spotlight: KiddoEMR

“How many steps have you gotten today?” That seems to be a common question asked as consumers are working to become more health conscious. Everyone is tracking their steps with pedometers or monitoring their heart rate with smartwatches. Medical awareness and tracking has become a serious platform for mobile developers. Big Android BBQ sponsor Kiddo EMR recognizes the upward trend in medical awareness in mobile as well as the potential benefits it entails.

Dr. Joseph Cohen/Image credit Ant Pruitt

Dr. Joey Cohen has will long accepted the intrusion of mobile technology into the medical field. As a pediatrician, he enjoys interacting with patients and parents as well as enlightening them on how tech has made medical appointments and data warehousing more efficient and affordable.

Dr. Cohen will discuss app development around electronic medical records at the Big Android BBQ. “It’s all about sensible and impactful app development in healthcare. We want #AppsWithImpact,” say Dr. Cohen. The Android market is the largest mobile device market in the world. Cohen sees this market share as an opportunity for developers to help more individuals regarding access to personal electronic medical records. “We fiercely believe in Android first,” says Dr. Cohen regarding mobile platforms. Kiddo EMR will also discuss creating apps which are HIPAA compliant as well as efficient and offer easy communication between patients and medical providers.


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