Speaker Spotlight: Marty Ballard

Marty has been developing Android now for over 5 years. He's attended the BABBQ for the past 4 years and is ready to step up and share some knowledge! You can find Marty on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Marty Ballard - Speaker 2016 Big Android BBQ
Marty Ballard 

Session Title: Secure Your Firebase!

Session Description: As delivered Firebase Database Security is wide open allowing anyone access to your precious data. We will take a deep dive through various scenarios on how to secure that data and only allow the users that have the proper authority to access and update their data. Along with valid authorization we will explore implementing valid data schema. We will explore User Authentication for various user authentication methods. Firebase Security provides multi-platform rules that are applied to your Android app, iOS app and website and it is essential that these rules are applied correctly before launching your app so that users have access to the data that they are supposed to.


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